Ronny is….?

The following is from a few of my Waykewl! Friends:

(I’m honored and thankful, indeed!)


~Ronny is the most outrageously out-going, friendly, optimistic, and giving person I have ever met!

~Ronny is always upbeat and fun to be around and he makes others think that it’s good to be alive!

~Ronny is a very lucky man!

~Ronny is on of the friendliest and most up-beat people I know. He’s an influencer in the most positive way!

~Ronny is an encourager and bring life to any room he enters!

~Ronny is witty!

~Ronny is a great friend!

~Ronny is lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend!

~Ronny is wearing a pink bracelet!

~Ronny is one lucky dude!

Proud Papa! Circa 1965 |


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